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Winter 2014-15

The North Fork Scrapbook Project is a community collaboration and invites your participation!

The Project is designed as an on-going record of North Fork living, including images and stories of public lands, wildlife, agriculture, recreation, community, arts, livelihood and rural lifestyle.

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The project is designed to inspire individual and community action for the preservation of North Fork valley lands and other agricultural, cultural and natural resources.

Support an updated, relevant and responsible revision to the current land-use management plan… for information check out and Citizens for a Healthy Community.

Become a Scrapbooker!at work2 by Rita Cagett

These stories and photos come from those who live, work and recreate here. Those who wish to contribute to a living archive that can be used to protect the unique character of North Fork life today and into the future.

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Support the Scrapbook!

Support the Scrapbook!

Your $50, $500, or $5 gift to our sponsor, the Colorado Farm & Food Alliance, will support the Scrapbook and the effort to keep the North Fork a wonderful place.

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